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         Plainly Dyslexia 

           (e-book)      Independent  production and publishing by Lou de Olivier 2015

 Behavior Disorders and Learning Disabilities  (Transtornos de Comportamento e Distúrbios de Aprendizagem) - Didactic. WK Publishing 2013

Family Riots (Distúrbios familiares) - Self-Help book (didactic) - WK Publishing company - 2008; 

Psychopedagogy And Art Therapy - Theory And Practical In the Application In Clinics and Schools 
 (Psicopedagogia e Arteterapia - Teoria e Pratica na aplicação em Clinicas e Escolas) - Didactic - WK Publishing company - 2007; 

 Learning And Behaviour Riots (currently in third edition) - Distúrbios de Aprendizagem e de comportamento - Didactic - WK Publishing company - 2006;
Truths That Nobody Has Published - Didactic - Scortecci Publishing company - 2003; 

 It Happens To The Best Families - Didactic/Auto-Aid - Scortecci Publishing company - 2000; 

Learning Problems In Elementary School - Didactic - Scortecci Publishing company - 2000; 

 The Productive School - Didactic/Self-Help - Scortecci Publishing company - 1999; 

Solua, the little vegan vampire 
 (e-book and book) - Romance - Independent  production and publishing by Lou de Olivier 2014/2015

Marriage day
 (e-book and book) - Romance - Independent  production and publishing by Lou de Olivier 1999

published articles:

in English

Global Clinical Psychologists Annual Meeting Acquired Dyslexia, click here

Multitherapy - therapy techniques developed by Lou de Olivier in Mental Health and Addiction Research (MHAR)

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Academic/Professional Curriculum

Lou Olivier - Academic Curriculum:

     * Psychologist and Psychotherapist, specialist in disorders of

learning and behavior and drugs addiction

     * Specialization in Behavioral Medicine (UNIFESP)

     * Special Master in Human Sciences;

     * Masters Degree in Psychology;

     * University Extension in Musical Therapy;

     * University Extension in Neuropsychology;

     * Bachelor of Performing Arts;

     * Degree in Visual Arts;

     * Education / Teaching with full degree for teaching

elementary and secondary;

     * Teaching with a specialization in pre school;

         Free courses:

     * Psychoanalysis;

     * Art Therapy;

     * Dramatic Arts (theater);

     * Cinema storyboarder;

     * Several arts courses (highlighting Opera and popular singing,

Dance with emphasis on classical ballet, flamenco, tribal and belly Dance)

     * Registrations: CRT, RCE, DRT (MTPS)

         Associated with professional bodies:

     * ABPP - Brazilian Association of Educational Psychology;

     * ABRAP - Brazilian Association of Psychotherapy;

     * ASTOC - Hospital das Clinicas in Sao Paulo;

     * CCBC (Health Committee member CC Brazil-Canada)

     * SATED - Union of Artists and Technicians in amusement;

     * SBAT - Brazilian Society of Playwrights;

Public recognition:

       In recognition of her courageous performance in several areas,  Lou de Olivier won four international trophies and more than fifty national trophies as Writer and Researcher and integrates pages 279 and 280 of the book Brazil of all people

Sao Paulo, its history, its monuments - Highlights and personalities - of 2009. 

 Lou de Olivier is also mentioned (as a writer and playwright)   on pages 187, 405 and 670 of the Brazilian Literature Encyclopedia - Volume I Organized by Afrânio Coutinho and Joseph Galante Sousa - Global Publisher - RJ - Brazil - National Library Foundation - Brazilian Academy of Letters - 2001 (Original from the University of Michigan);

  Lou also includes the Women Dictionary - Volume II - 532-533 pages, the historian Hilda Flores.

Lou is also part of Brazil A historical book to Z - 2009/2012 by the Brazilian Institute Biographical and Brazilian Academy of Art and Culture and History.

Also part of the pioneers of Brazilian television picture on the TV Museum - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Lou studied dance and singing since the age of 3, was the first child to record an album with only 3 years uidade and was one of the first children to record video-tape on TV. From adolescence, he also studied theater, becoming Bachelor of Performing Arts. His Artistic career thus runs parallel academic career. Are inpumeros their successes in Brazil and some outside this area, the most prominent in Theatre are: Cinderella that was not Bella because was too White (Or 3 stories I'll tell you!) And The Alienated, staged in Portugal as The hallucinated. Currently writes and directs two Solua parts, little vegan vampire (in testing phase) and the last planet.

Lou holds, for now only in Portuguese, the personal website Analou where are all his trophies, curriculum, philanthropy, books and other texts, their arts and everything about her.

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Lou de Olivier consist as writer scientific and theatrical of the following workmanships:

1- Encyclopedia of Brazilian Literature - Volume I - pages 187, 405;

2 - Dictionary of 670 Women - Volume II - pages 532-533;

3- Also it integrates (as professional multipurpose) the pages the 279 and 280 of the Brazil book of all peoples/São Paulo, its History, its monuments - Prominences and Personalities;

4 - Brazil de A a Z;

5- Lou is among the pioneers of television at the Museum of Brazilian TV;

6- It also consists of the list of SBAT Authors (Brazilian Society Theatrical  Authors).